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We Haven’t Spilled a Glass of Wine

By wineGrasp Company February 20, 2021 0 comments

We Haven’t Spilled a Single Glass of Wine Since We Started Using This $10 Drinking Accessory

 Value: 16/20

 Functionality: 20/20

 Quality: 20/20

 Aesthetics: 15/20

 Color Range: 15/20

 TOTAL: 86/100

It’s a problem as old as drinking itself: How do you keep your wine glass from tipping over when you’re sitting in your Adirondack chair on the deck while furiously scrolling Instagram? And what’s a mom to do when she’s sipping indoors but finds there’s no way to keep her glass of Pinot out of her toddler’s reach?

Because it’s 2021, there is a solution to all this mess—and of course it’s available on Amazon. Behold: The WineGrasp. Simply put, this clamp-like plastic device clips onto the edge of a table, or chair arm, or any other stable horizontal surface that’s one-inch-thick or less. (We’ve also seen pictures of the WineGrasp fastened onto everything from canoe seats to scooter handles, which we plan to put to the test as soon as spring rolls around.) The WineGrasp is shaped like a teeny bottle of wine, with a slot carved out to fit the stem of your glass and it’s surprisingly sturdy. We can confirm it worked great when we affixed it to the edge of our dining room table and stayed firmly in place after a bottle (…or two) was consumed.

The genius of the design is that, because the slot where you place the wine stem is slightly curved, it’s impressively hard to knock a glass out of place—let alone out of the holder and onto the floor. You know, in case you start over-gesticulating wildly to make a point. The WineGrasp is especially apt for outdoor usage right now, since there’s no more gathering with friends around the kitchen island; well into January, we’re all about staying six socially distanced feet away from our pals on the patio, thank you very much.

For now, these little numbers come $20 for two on Amazon, and are only available in a burgundy hue. Which leads us to our only gripe with this random but useful device: We’d like for it to be available in a rainbow of shades, so we can assign different colors to people and make sure our garden party guests don’t run away with our WineGrasp. See that? We’re already feeling territorial.

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