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  • Free shipping this Week On All Orders, CHEERS!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does my WineGrasp only work with wine glasses?

Answer: Great question! The WineGrasp was originally created to provide a solution for knocking over wine glasses. However, through consumer testing we have found that it works great with Martini, Margarita, Champagne and other cocktail glasses.


Question: Is my WineGrasp only supposed to be used on Adirondack chairs? 

Answer: No, the WineGrasp works great on many items, such as: picnic tables, pontoon boats, camping chairs, folding canvas chairs, porch railings and much more! All surfaces up to one inch thick.


Question: How much liquid can my WineGrasp hold? 

Answer: The WineGrasp can hold up to 10oz of liquid.


Question: Does the WineGrasp come in a variety of colors?

Answer: At this point we only have one color available, the one currently displayed on our website. However, if you would like to see other color options leave us a comment on social media (@winegrasp on FB/TW/IG) or email us at: info@winegraspco.com  We would love to hear your feedback/suggestions!


Question: Is WineGrasp available in retail stores or can they be purchased wholesale?

Answer: Currently we are only selling through our website. However, we are in the process of establishing retail connections and will announce these as they are formed. For wholesale information contact us at: info@winegraspco.com


We hope that our product will improve your wine drinking experience. Here at WineGrasp we love hearing from our customers. Please contact us at: info@winegraspco.com