Our Story

From Left to right; Bob, Lisa and John. The team behind WineGrasp!

John and his wife Lisa are wine enthusiasts who also love the outdoors. They are members at numerous wine clubs and frequently visit wineries whenever possible during their travels. One of their favorite things to do is to enjoy a glass of wine while sitting outside at a winery, concert or watching the sunset. They believe wine tastes better in a large stemmed glass, but could never find a safe place to set down their glass while enjoying those events. This is when the idea for WineGrasp was born.

Over the course of 4 years John worked on and off to develop a solution for his and Lisa’s problem. Using John's years of cabinetry experience he handcrafted a “safety cradle” to hold his stemmed glassware. From there John has gone through many design and material changes to get to the finished product you see here today. 

At this point John showed his friend and successful business owner Bob his idea, Bob immediately saw the potential of the WineGrasp. A partnership was formed. Bob’s experience and deep knowledge of business provided John the tools to take this product to the next level!